Why Choose Us?

Allow us to make a special gift for you. Unlike the big box stores where everything is made the same, our gifts are made with you in mind.  Each gift is unique in its own way, from the time of concept to the finished product.  If you see a product, but want a different color, we can do that.    

 Have something that you want to put onto a plate, block or coaster.  Contact Keegan's Gifts and we will be happy to design a custom gift for you.      

About Us

Allen West

store owner

Keegan's Gifts was started after a family friend lost her beloved pet and wanted a way to remember and memorialize her pet. Using a photo and the colors that her pet liked, we created a plate for her. From there we were asked to create memory blocks and coasters. After a year of doing the memory plates and blocks, we expanded into other gifts.

People ask how we came up with Keegan's Gifts. After losing our beloved dog Keegan, it was only natural that we keep his memory alive.